About Us

The Wiksten aesthetic is clean, simple, and classic. Creating a beautiful handmade wardrobe should be joyful instead of tedious, which is why our projects are uncomplicated with easy to follow instructions.

Wiksten patterns are designed by Jenny Gordy in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her husband Joe and daughter Iris. Jenny worked as a technical designer and fit model in New York City before studying Patternmaking at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She started Wiksten in 2004 as a line of handmade clothing but later transitioned to the home sewing pattern industry after teaching classes at Lena Corwin's Brooklyn studio in 2010.

Wiksten was the Swedish last name of Jenny's grandparents, Ruth and Vernon. They were a doctor and a nurse who fell in love, and in their spare time they loved to make things by hand. Vernon had a knack for crafting furniture and jewelry, and Ruth excelled at knitting, sewing, and quilting. Jenny was inspired from the beginning by their love of making, and Ruth spent hours teaching her to sew as a child and then to knit as an adult.